Why is it not working

So i created a page, added some CB layouts and content, turned on contentblocks for that page, but upon previewing the page nothing shows up? tried rebuild content still no luck. It only happens on some pages.
This happens on a page with a certain CB layout that has an availability setting for Template (9) Home.
the funny thing is that i can select the layout there when creating the page, but it does not show up on the frontend when i preview. Now when i switch the template for this page to another template , say (8), the CB content DOES show up???

What could i be doing wrong?

As you say it works on one template but not on another, are you sure the template it doesn’t work on has the [[*content]] tag in it?

Yes i’m sure i double checked. and its running on 2.6.5-pl

If you could send login information to support@modmore.com I’d be happy to take a look at what’s going on there.