What mean some column titles of analytics table - simple AB?

Hi. Yesterday, i met and studied documentation and usability of A/B testing module called ‘simpleAB’. It’s very awesome stuff with good documentation and I want to use it into all my projects, but into documents I wasn’t found what means ‘picks’, ‘conversion’ and ‘conversion rate’. This colunms haven’t got measuring units and I can’t understand this numbers.:confused:

Picks = how often a specific variation was chosen. Usually variations chosen randomly so these numbers should be more or less equal across your variations.

Conversion = how often the variation led to a conversion (desired action taken). What action was taken that was logged as a conversion depends on how you set up SimpleAB, there are snippets and other tools that let you handle that.

Conversion Rate = percentage of picks that led to a conversion

Seems, I understand.
picks is number of users, who use test template, conversion is number of desired actions from users and rate is percentage of picks to this actions))) Really simple, thanks :ok_hand:

I’m sorry :thinking: I have got some trouble with chunk testing too, can you help me, plz)
Into my project I have more than 300 chunks into different categories. But when I start to manage chunk test I can choose for variation only 20-25 chunks, which name starts with ‘b’ letter. It’s strange and looks like a bug…

Maybe it would better to start new topic. This question about different theme. Of course if it need :upside_down: