Weird Install behavior in VersionX 3.0 Extra

The install broke the standard Modx Resource manager screen buttons (Save, View, etc) in my public site running from the Modx cloud. However, My dev site in the cloud upgraded just fine.
Had a VersionX 2.4 running previously.
Tried in multiple versions of PHP and multiple variations of the install or replace.
Turned in a ticket to Modx as well.

I did try a reinstall and in variations including removing the old version. Eheh.
I always reset the cache by clearing the file source.
Seems to be unaffected by browser type. I am most of the time in Chrome.

Weird that the modx 3.04 manager Buttons Work on dev site but not on public site after the Extra install?

Why that would/could make a difference is beyond me?

The buttons break if I do the install raw on the public site or push a Snapshot to the public from the dev site where the buttons do appear. ???

Maybe the public site file/folder permissions are wonky from older stuff.
I will probably have to rebuild a new public cloud and perform some Db cleanup work.
My Db probably has hanging chads.
It has been around for a number of years at this point.


Hi Tench,

  • Can you see any errors in the install log when installing VersionX?
  • Can you see any errors in the MODX log?
  • Can you see any errors in the browser console when loading the page with the Save/View buttons?
  • If you deactivate the VersionX plugin, does it still occur?

Thx Murray
Sorry to hand you so little to go on.

  1. Never had any “significant” errors in the VersionX install log.
    Installed multiple times - sometimes building the snapshot data and sometimes not.
  2. I always have error or two in the MODX log - they are not related
    I have a couple of site permission generated errors hooked to older packages - not yours.
  3. Sorry I will have to break my public site to review the Manager page loads in a browser.
    Good suggestion. I will try to do this over the weekend.
    4)Again Will check over the weekend
    Thx Tench

No worries at all! :smiley:
Let us know what you find. Version 3 was a complete rewrite so it’s possible there will be bugs pop up we haven’t seen before.