Way to match all tags

Is there a way to have a “&matchAll” option like Tagger has?

Tagger’s matchAll description of functionality:

If set to 1, resource must have all specified tags (an ‘AND’ match). If set to 0 or left out, it can match any one of the tags (an ‘OR’ match).

In other words return only those images that match ALL the tags? This would be super helpful in filtering choices.

Hey Rob!

That’s not currently supported, I’ve logged a feature request in our tracker on your behalf.

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Just a bump to see if this has moved forward at all? The project I’m going to need functionality like this for is looming.


@mhamstra Just doing an @mention in case you didn’t see this. No worries - just trying to plan ahead :slight_smile:

Consider it added in the next release. :slight_smile: I’ve added it into 1.12 but will plan some more time later to go through our other open requests to see what more we can add.

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You are a gentleman and a scholar good sir. In whichever order you prefer :wink: