Videos in MoreGallery, and more features


I’m currently working on a portfolio gallery. The customer has not only images. Videos and youtube links should shown also. Perhaps a good idea to integrate the management of videos too. A challenge could be the management of Youtube and other embedded media, or is there a solution to manage them together with images?

Custom fields are great, but I’m missing checkboxes. To solve it with dropdown is not a perfect solution. And is there a way to integrate a resource list dropdown, or an other way for an database request?

But at the end a great extra.

Hey Istvan,

You’re right - there sure are some new challenges when adding youtube or embedded media! :smiley:

It’s on our list though, and I’ll add a +1 on your behalf. Right now with custom fields I’d recommend adding a textarea where the user can add an embed code, and then in your imageTpl you would check if that’s filled. If it is, show the embed code, otherwise show the image (which could be like a video thumbnail image as well?).

Will look at adding checkboxes and dynamic selects too :slight_smile:

Hey Mark,

in MODx exists for every problem a solution, this is why I like it. But for me it’s very important to give the editor/my customers a tool that is simple and easy. To much workarounds makes the system more complicated and error prone. Yes I can create a text field for the Youtube link, but the editor has to upload a image first. But that’s not “perfect”. I need different template for different media types while the frontend developing . Ok, to develop a switch is not so complicated, but different template chunks for each media type would make the code more transparent.

If you develop a gallery module which can handle different media types would make it rock. I didn’t know any extension which can handle this. And with some other UI features, like drag and drop for tags, bulk actions,… it would be definitely more worth than 25 Euros.

Have a nice day.

How’s this for a start? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s automatically recognising YouTube video URLs, extracting its ID, downloading the thumbnail to a local cache, looking up the title and optionally description through the YouTube API and giving you all the other features you get with standard images, too (cropping on the thumbnail, tags, custom fields etc).

Would be pretty easy to extend to other video services too, like Vimeo, Wistia, etc.

Sounds great. Just a “add external media” button in the top and that’s it. This could be a way in the future to mix ANY external media with internal media.

Happy developing.