[[+video_id]] is not passing through for YouTube, works with Vimeo

I have everything setup and seemingly working however the [[+video_id]] for YouTube links is returning blanks. Vimeo, on the other hand, works fine. Thoughts?

Could you post your code for the youtube template? If you’re seeing the video preview and can play the video from the image zoom in the manager, then I’m not really sure why it wouldn’t make it into the template… perhaps a typo?

I have the template setup as barebones right now


same template for both Youtube & Vimeo, example here: https://eternityatom.com/gallery

The first ID is Vimeo next 3 blanks are Youtube… then regular images.

Also, the Youtube videos do not play in the Preview in the manager. I get an “Error Occurred. Please Try Again Later” message.

If they don’t show in the manager, that suggests the video information couldn’t be loaded. That’s done when adding the videos, so try adding them again, and make sure to check the error log for any issues.

Interesting, it seems specific to the video and the 3 we first tried failed, even on multiple tries.

The following 2 do not work anywhere:

but these do:

Could it be special characters in the video Titles?

Hm that first one is failing here as well, not immediately sure why. The emojis in the name do seem to break the thumbnail generation, but the video_id is still known at that point, so I don’t immediately see what’s wrong…