VersionX v2.2.2 fixes bunch of bugs

VersionX v2.2.2 is now available from with a bunch of bug fixes that will make working with VersionX a little more pleasant.

  • VersionX now requires PHP 7.1+ and MODX 2.6+
  • Hide users dropdown if user lacks view_user permission [#96]
  • Fix forms returning to the first tab on save when the VersionX tab is added [#74]
  • Show proper error message when trying to view a non-existent version [#106]
  • Fix filtering on the element/resource view [#94]
  • Mark the Filter buttons as primary to make them stand out more
  • Fix published on date and introtext not showing on the resource detail view [#100]

If you found VersionX useful and want to support open source projects like it, please consider a donation.