Using @CHUNK in repeater itemtemplate breaks output

I experience a very strange phenomenon, which I haven’t seen in earlier versions of ContentBlocks (it’s been a few years since I made a site with ContentBlocks and Gitify).
This is on the latest version: 1.12.1-pl.

If I create a repeater field and I put the outer template and inner template in the field definition form, in ContentBlocks itself,
it renders just fine. But if I put the item template in a chunk ‘test’ and put ‘@CHUNK test’ in the outerTpl field of the field definition form,
I see unparsed gibberish in the output. The output is not only the repeater field’s output but that of the whole layout template the field is in.

What could this be?

When parsing seems to go wrong, it’s useful to open the resource with quick update to see the parsed content. That’s what ContentBlocks made of it, which in the case of @CHUNKs will consist of a bunch of chunk tags [[$...]].

It sounds like you’re running into some sort of syntax issue, but it’s hard to say anything definitive without seeing your chunks and the output as rendered by CB to your content.

The MODX parser does tend to choke about 3 levels deep, and @CHUNK will have a negative performance impact over placing the templating directly in the fields/layouts themselves. So if you’re already using Gitify to handle versioning and deployments, I would personally not use chunks as well.

Hmm ok, thanks for your answer Mark. So it’s MODX parser’s fault, that kind a sucks. I probably go over 3 levels deep indeed (template → template chunk → CB → @CHUNK