Use Modx File Browser in Redactor

Hi Folks,

I was wondering, if it is possible to use the default modx filebrowser in the redactor editor. Our Users tend to be scared by new stuff and they would love to only have to know one filebrowser.

Is this possible by default? - couldn’t find a setting for that.

If not, is it hackable? - someone tried it already?

Thanks a lot, like always! :smile:

Hi Thomas!

That’s not a built-in feature at the moment, though having different browsers available is on the wishlist.

It should be possible to build a custom redactor plugin that interacts with the standard media browser, and to use that, but I don’t think anyone has done that before.

Thanks for the quick answer as usual Mark!

Hmm… don’t think I will do so in the next time, but It would be grat if redactor would use the default media browser by default. So :thumbsup: for that feature :wink:

Out of curiosity, why was the decision made to use a different media browser for redactor anyway? Wouldn’t it be better to just use one filebrowser/media browser over the whole backend?

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The default MODX Media Browser is not accessible to mobile devices, screen readers, keyboards, etc. We take accessibility and inclusive design seriously with our premium extras so the Eureka media browser was introduced for future-forward mobile and accessibility support.

In our upcoming major release, Redactor for MODX 3.0, we will not be shipping the Eureka media browser as part of the “Redactor core”. Currently you can use Eureka or the simplistic Redactor browser. In the future we hope to allow users to configure which Media Browser is used. So that could be Eureka, default MODX browser, perhaps the simple Redactor one, or something else. Ideally this would be configurable on the user level so each user could use the browser of their choice.

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This feature will land in Redactor for MODX 3.0. You’ll be able to use all sorts of different media browsers, including the native one! We’ve gone back and forth on this. Our high quality for user experience lead us in past releases to keep the native browser out of Redactor, but I think one thing we have learned is that MODX is about creative freedom…perhaps more importantly than quality assurance.

While there are many things we don’t like about the native browser, we understand that you may have already trained your clients on how to use it, or maybe they just prefer it, so we should not inhibit access to it.

We’ll probably default the native browser to off, but it will definitely be supported.