Updating an order item

I am trying to update an order item for a workshop (product). The item in question had to be changed due to the dates having to be moved around because of coronavirus, so the workshop was updated with a new SKU and URL and new dates. In Commerce > Orders you can edit the order item, which I am trying to do, but the new date and workshop that I am trying to change it to (the updated one) is not showing up in the product list. I even tried duplicating the item and then changing it to see if it was because I had edited the original item. Does it have a limit on it by item, date etc or should it be showing up. I have cleared the cache, refreshed the URIs but it is still not showing up at all. Any help on this appreciated as I need to update the order to reflect the new date for the person who has booked and paid for the workshop. Thanks

Fixed this by simply deleting everything in the cache folder manually. It basically wasn’t updating in the dropdown for products even though it shows the change on the front end. Clearing cache and refreshing URIs did nothing. Once deleted manually all the updated products show up.