Uncached Snippet Calls in Fields not working correctly with properties

It seems to be a ModX Bug, but I wanted to mention it here as well, since it was coming up when using Content Blocks. So far, I haven’t found a solution for this, but maybe someone already knows a possible workaround.

ModX has a problem with uncached snippet calls in nested environments, when a property is using an equal sign in its input string. The whole output turns blank in that case.

For example: I cannot get this formit call to work, neither using the call inside the cb fields template tab directly, nor in a chunk I am calling from there:

   &fieldnames=`fieldname==newfieldname, anotherone==anothernewname`

There is already a github issue:

any ideas?

best regards

If that is copy-pasted directly from your MODX installation, you’re missing a ` in the &redirectTo line.

it seems that got lost while copying it. I edit my post. thanks for the hint!