Troubles to add div tag to source

This is “old” topic, but still remains an issue. For me at least :slight_smile:

I have troubles to add div-tag to source. It’s stripped no matter what the settings are.
I also have problems keeping empty tags, or tags with " " .

Cleanup - No
Clean Spaces - No
Convert Divs - No
Paragraphize - No
Paragraphy - No

Also added “div” to Allowed Tags.
Also noticed, if you add only one tag - div in this case - to allowed tags, you have to add ALL needed tags.

Redactor is nice plugin, but this problem keeps me switching back to TinyMCE at the moment.

I ran into the same thing, but found there are two redactor settings that affect this:

If you set both to ‘no’ (at least for me) the divs stay put. Maybe this helps you!

Oh yeah! That worked. Thank You very much.
Didn’t notice that setting.