Timeslot data in checkout

i,m trying to show the chosen timeslot in the checkout. So when a timeslot is picked the next step will show it in the summery (summery-twig). Even better would be to show this instead of a shipping. address, sice they are colecting it themzelves. I,ve pasted the example from the documentation docs. But it doesn’t work like aspected, Am i missing something?

{% if shipment.method.class_key == ‘TimeSlotsShippingMethod’ and shipment.properties.timeslots_slot_info %}
{{ shipment.properties.timeslots_date_info.locale_day }}, {{ shipment.properties.timeslots_slot_info.time_from|date(‘H:i’) }}–{{ shipment.properties.timeslots_slot_info.time_until|date(‘H:i’) }} {% endif %}`

Hi @hurby,

That code would need to go somewhere between line 65 and line 80 of the summary.twig file. This is so that shipment is available in the loop.

If you’d like to place it elsewhere in the file, you can wrap it in the same thing e.g.

{% for shipment in shipments %}
    {% if shipment.method.id > 0 %}

        .... your code referencing "shipment" here ....

    {% endif %}
{% endfor %}