Timed Rebuild or Remote Rebuild Button?

I have an ecom client that bulk updates the database via a spreadsheet nightly, but isn’t granted access to the Extras so someone from my team needs to manually click the rebuild content button regularly. Is there a snippet or way to remotely trigger the rebuild that they could have access to, or a way to auto rebuild nightly?

Caveat: this is a theory.

Why not create a new custom menu in the manager, with a Rebuild item that has the same action as the Rebuild button in the extra? This should by default be available to your editors.

You could do something similar in with a cron job but you’d need to consider authentication.

Creating custom Menu Items it beyond my level of expertise.

Sorry for not responding to this sooner.

How is that spreadsheet being read? Does that get parsed further into a custom table or something like that? How does it tie in with your ContentBlocks content making it require a rebuild?

Perhaps the solution here is as simple as uncaching the snippet that reads the data so it can return up-to-date information without requiring the rebuild? If reading the spreedsheet is a heavy process you need to have cached, the snippet that reads it could cache it somewhere in a way that allows it to detect the spreadsheet has changed.