Theme Red and simple products

I’m blown away at how quickly I’ve managed to set up a store for a client using the Red starter pack. I’ve extended the theme to work with Zurb Foundation instead of Bootstrap, so that it can be integrated nicely with their existing site.

The Red starter pack has done so much of the heavy lifting - arguably, too much because I find I don’t completely understand some of the essentials yet I have a fully working site… :slight_smile:

The starter pack contains a template that uses the product matrix, which I’ve got working no problem. For ‘simple’ products (just a basic product with no options), am I correct in thinking that I should create a new template which uses the Product TV? My understanding is that the product_matrix TV can only create ‘complex’ products and that you can’t configure a basic product with it.

If that’s the correct approach, then great - I’ll get on and do that but I’d like to check that I’m not duplicating and mofidying a template for no reason.