Tax rules ans conditions


I’m trying to set up a tax rule based on parent condition:
|parent equals 20653|
European Union VAT Rates|
applied_rate: reduced
use_reverse_charge: 0
priority 0

The parent is a Collection

the standard rate has priority 2
but the rate is the standard…

A rule based on resource id doesn’t work too

Hmm, that’s not going to work because the tax rules do not have access to resources. Only to order information. If you update to 1.2, you get access to a bit more order fields but I think you’re approaching the configuration from the wrong angle trying to base it off the resource.

(Perhaps you’ve used SimpleCart in the past and are trying to model the rules based on that?)

Tax groups are assigned to products directly so when creating a product, regardless of its position in the tree (if any), you should be assigning it to the rate that is correct for that product.

For each product type (from a tax perspective) you need one tax group with associated rules, e.g. “foodstuffs”, “standard rate”, “exempted”. Then you set the right tax group on the product and Commerce can calculate it correctly… does that make sense?

The Tax Group TV is OK and the right tax rate is selected but in the priority order.
But I dont know how to associate a specific tax rate (example : reduced instead standard) to a product and what is the best way.

  1. Should I create a new product TV to choose between standard, reduced etc, on a product resource, product per product?
  2. Or should I find a way to set a condition with a Commerce field, but which one? – I cannot simply create a filter based on the country or price because because finally tax rates depends of category of products )
    In my mind the EU VAT module detects the country, then choose the right tax table (Group), then the right tax rule with an additional criteria, then the tax for the country.

Do you use resource products or the Products List TV for managing products?

Resource products in Collections.
I intend to use the poducts List TV for products with variations.

Or should I choose this way:

  • Group for standard
    – priority 1: UE VAT Tax Rule for countries = UE applied_rate: standard
    – Other tax rules based based on country

  • Group for reduced
    – priority 1: UE VAT Tax Rule for countries = UE applied_rate: reduced
    – Other tax rules based based on country

Then choose the right Tax group on product page TV ?

Yes, that’s exactly how it’s expected to be configured and what I was trying to explain before.

With resource products, you need to add a TV to select the tax group, see here.

With the Products TV you’ll find the tax group option in the modal automatically when you have at least 2 of them.