Table rates and max weight shipping

I’m struggling to get the table rates shipping working using Postcodes (Zip codes).
I’m using the following for a UK (GB) only shop:

GB, *, *, 0, 12.50
GB, *, *, 6, 12.50
GB, *, *, 30, 20.00
GB, *, NG, 0, 15.00
GB, *, NG, 6, 15.00
GB, *, NG, 30, 24.00

  1. This is working apart from the postcode isn’t having any affect on the shipping rates. The postcode uses the first two characters as per the docs. What have I got wrong?
  2. I also want to cap the shipping weight to 30kg so products in the cart that combine to more than 30kg can’t be purchased. Instead the customer would have to contact the company. I have the Weight-based Shipping Method also available and set to a max of 30kg but I’m still able to go through to checkout. Is there another way to achieve this?

Any pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Do you perhaps need to turn NG into a wildcard, i.e. NG* so it matches any zip code that starts with NG? (It doesn’t support a prefix wildcard at the moment IIRC.)

I thought we already had the max weight restriction available on all shipping methods but it seems like that is missing, which makes it tough to accomplish together with TableRates. Creating additional weight-based shipping methods doesn’t really help with that because you need the constraint set on the table rates method instead.

We’ll need to add that option to ensure the method is no longer available over 30kg. Then you wont have options on the shipping step and the customer wont be able to checkout.

That’s relatively quick and easy for us to do but as we’re about to start our holiday break I can’t right now promise you when exactly that will be. Might be a bored moment next week, or maybe when we’re back “next year” :wink:

I’m assuming this is the project with the January deadline, we should be able to meet that deadline for you with this change.

Thanks Mark. I didn’t think the NG* was an option so I’ll try that, thanks.
This is the same project that ideally needs to have the functionality in place in the first couple of weeks of January. So no need to interrupt your holidays :partying_face:

UPDATE: Using the first one or two initials from the postcode followed by an asterisk works as expected. Brilliant! :+1:

v1.3 of the table rates shipping method is now available with a min/max weight condition for you.

Happy new year! :fireworks:

You’re a marvel:-)
Thanks very much and a happy 2023 to you too.