Switching to previous or next event on the Detail view : possible?

Everything is on the title.
I’m looking for a way to navigate on the chronological next event (or previous) with some usefull placeholders such as title etc.

Is it possible with the actual Agenda Version ?
If not, can we did it with GetPage for example ?

Sorry: No and no. I have added that as Feature request.

It could not really good emulated with a AgendaList snippet showing the next event by limit the result to 1 and setting the event start or end before/after the current event.

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Hi @jako !
Do you have any idea for the implementation of this feature request ?
I’m asking because my customer asked me ^^
Indeed, IMHO, it’s look like an good ergonomic feature for final users to can navigate easily inside the events

It won’t go into 1.1, which will be available during this week. But it will go into the next 1.1.x in the next 4 weeks (maybe you will get the patch earlier).

OK thanks :slight_smile: