Suggestion - Visual Form Builder

Have you guys considered creating a Visual Form Builder plugin for MODx? Something simple enough for the end users (like a secretary) to create a form on any page and have the results emailed to whatever email address they wanted, or alternatively stored in perhaps a grid (or spreadsheet) in the Visual Form Builder backend.

I’m thinking about something as simple as Google Forms or even more elaborate like WuFoo, Jotform, or the builders in Constant Contact and etc.

I don’t grasp the programming side very well, but I wonder how hard it would be to integrate something like this directly into MODx. Seems like the trick would be seamlessly integrating it into the page editor backend in MODx.

I really thought I replied to this before… Hugo did a form builder with ContentBlocks called FormBlocks which is pretty cool (see, though admittedly it’s not as shiny as a Wufoo.

As for the question if we (modmore) have considered building a really awesome form builder: it has crossed my mind in the past, but for now I don’t think we need more extras on the to do list :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @pixelstuff, here’s something new you want to investigate:

It’s developed and maintained by the team at Sterc and now available via modmore :slight_smile: