Suggestion - precision on product price

In order to get the right price inclusive of tax I’ve increased the precision of the price field to 4 places - would be a good update to the core

I think this will produce even more rounding problems! Try to add multiple quantity products to cart and calculate the cart total manually…

That all depends on how you want to calculate it… from a technical perspective, increasing the precision does mean it’s more accurate because rounding happens later in the process.

Stuff like this mostly matters when you have prices inclusive of VAT which don’t get a neat exclusive price.

Hi Mark, in normal circumstances you are right, but I think calculating with currency values is another thing. You simply can’t calculate with 4 digits under the hood and display the result rounded to e.g. 2 digits. We tried this back and forth and always got wrong results.

IMHO its better to always calculate with the digits of the currency in use.

As you know, our current project implements a synchronization between an ERP and SimpleCart. Using our simple fix (always calculate with the digits of the currency) we get the correct rounded price values when compared to the ERP values.