Stripe - Trouble to deliver data to a webhook endpoint

Hi I am getting the same message from Stripe about the endpoint webhook as this post here.

I am not taking subscriptions and payments seem to be going through (or were), although now a bit difficult to tell as orders have dried up due to lockdown. Was this ever resolved, is it important?


Just fixed an issue with the stripe webhook last week as it happens, that’ll be in 1.2.0-rc3 planned for very soon.

Hi Mark, we are getting the same error using 1.1.4 Commerce version, so I believe fresh latest 1.2.1 release will help us, right?

Now I see that assets/components/commerce/notify.php expects $_GET['transaction'] in identifyTransaction() but Stripe always sends json data array via POST request, so notify.php returns
Could not identify transaction from webhook request every time ((( Not sure what’s wrong, hope actual release will fix this.

Yes, 1.2 has a whole bunch of improvements for stripe including webhook handling.