Stock Low Email Notifications

Hi there!

I have successfully migrated from Ecwid to Commerce.
It’s great! but one of the features that I really miss is the automated notifications when stock becomes low/zero on a product.

At the moment, I have no way of knowing that I’ve sold out of a product. If it’s not currently possible, can it be a feature request to allow for notifications (either in the manager or via email) when stock goes below a certain number, so that we can order more products and refresh the stock?


Maybe this community extension suits your needs?

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Well what do you know? I didn’t even think to see if there was already a module! :roll_eyes:

I will do a backup and give this a go - thank you!

So I have installed the Notifty Stock Module, and have created the cron job as per docs.

But, I’m a bit confused. When I create a ‘request’ in the ‘Notify Stock’ tab, I have to specify which product I want to check stock levels for - but this isn’t really feasible because I have a lot of products, and add new ones regularly.

Do I need to create a request for every product individually each time?

I thought there would be a way create a request which checks ALL products and sends a notification when any product is out of stock?

I noticed in the docs it says that once the request has fired the email, it will remove the request - but i somehow need to have ongoing notifications for when any product goes out of stock.

Has anyone achieved this via this Extra/Module?


I think this is more aimed at customers who want to know when a product is back in stock - the trouble with that is that if the merchant doesn’t know it’s out of stock, they will be waiting a long time! :slight_smile: