Status return with payment gateway Mollie

Hi, using Mollie as a payment gateway (iDeal) for transactions on a shop.

If i create a order using payment with the default (bank-transfer) the final page in the order process gives me: orderSucces. Which is nice :slight_smile:
However, using Mollie gateway (test-apikey) i always gives me orderFailed.
If i look at the order cpm of simplecart i see that the new order has been made with all correct product-values and status. Status is set to new. However it fails to be set to finished if the transaction is set to “betaald” in the test-modus on Mollie.

Looking at the log:
[2017-11-22 11:42:12] (ERROR @ /home/kerstboom/domains/ : 553) Order is NOT verified {“id”:17,“user_id”:null,“confirmation_id”:15,“delivery_method”:4,“payment_method”:3,“coupon”:0,“ordernr”:“2”,“total”:30,“totals”:{“products”:1,“freeproducts”:0,“price”:30,“price_ex_vat”:30,“absprice”:30,“absprice_ex_vat”:30,“discount”:0,“discount_percent”:0,“delivery”:0,“payment”:0,“vat_total”:0,“vat_prices”:[]},“status”:“finished”,“changed”:false,“changedtime”:null,“created”:“2017-11-22 11:42:02”,“mollie_ideal_issuer”:“ideal_TESTNL99”,“doOrder”:“true”}

Any ideas?

Hi @mintnl,

Take a look at the order log. View the order in the back-end and open the logs tab, there’s probably an explanation for the failure there.

Maybe, but i dont see anything useful here.

Just looks like the gateway is not returning the status in a correct manner.
How to check the returned value of the payment-provider?

Solved. Problem had to do with a faulty uploaded file. Once this file was replaced with an original everything went smooth.
Just reporting back to complete this thread. Can be closed now.