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I have converted a multi-language site (Babel/Langrouter) into an XRouting website with only DE. In the context, the CultureKey had to be adapted to the 2 domain-names.

Until now, the CultureKey was DE / EN. The language was displayed accordingly in the shop.

Since the CultureKey no longer exists, it always shows EN by default.

I have set Frontend/Manager to DE in the system settings. But this has no effect on Commerce.

Can I change the default language to DE somewhere?

Modx 2.8.3 / Commerce

So you no longer have the cultureKey context settings? Then you have the system setting, no?

Jup. That is so correct.

Alternatively, I can simply overwrite the Lexicon file EN with the contents of the Lexicon file DE. That simply wouldn’t be a good solution, but it works. :rofl:

So is your cultureKey system setting configured to de? I’m confused why that wouldn’t work.

Since the templates have their own headers / footers and their own CSS classes, I used the cultureKey with the domain name. So example: [[$header_[[++cultureKey]]]]

This is then e.g. [[$header_webseite1]]

But basically I could change the CultureKey back to DE and just define a new system variable. That would also solve the problem.

I think that would be the best solution.

First I had searched for a system setting, but found nothing in this regard. So I just asked if I can change the default language somewhere.

Ah. Yeah, website1 is not a valid cultureKey so you’ll need to change the cultureKey in system settings to de and use a custom system setting for your chunk switch.

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Thank you very much for your help. I will solve it with the new system variable. :kissing_heart: