Some questions about Commerce


well, thanks for the intresting insights in the newsletter today.
I have some question about features. How does it look with:

  1. An RESTful API?
  2. The possiblity to split an cart?
  3. Shipping costs each article in the cart?

Thanks for reply

Hi Florian! Glad you liked the insights from the newsletter, lots more to come :smile:

  1. There’s no REST API currently planned for v1, however it has crossed my mind. Right now the focus is mostly on the “internal” API that developers can hook in to on the server side. Modules are a large part of that, making sure everything can be manipulated without touching the core. A REST API would be a great extension for a 1.x release, or perhaps as standalone package.

  2. Could you elaborate a bit on what you have in mind with splitting a cart? Are you talking about from the payment side by splitting it up into multiple transactions, or something completely different?

  3. v1 will focus on shipping costs for the full cart, but there are already building blocks in place in the models that will allow you to handle those per article. Might need a custom module to tie it together, but totally doable even in the current state.

Hi Marc, thanks for the fast answer.

My scenario look like that in a cart are several articles, book/ebooks, from different authors.
In some cases the authors receiving directly the money and the invoice will be create in the name of the author.
So order have to be split into separate transactions.

I know, there are a lot of things to handle in the backend, but I guess when the core of Commerce is able to handle splitting cards, such an scenario should be realisable.

Gotcha! I can think of a number of ways to do that, depending on the concept of the shop. Given we’re a small team with such a big project on our hands I don’t think we’ll have a core solution for that in v1, but you’ll definitely be able of building some kind of affiliate/revenue sharing system on top of it, without Commerce getting in your way.

Perhaps listening to newly created orders and assigning that to some kind of author object, and then at the end of the month generating reports or even credit invoices automatically. The admin area can also be extended in several ways through modules, so it will be possible to add your own “Authors” page which shows the authors in your system and their currently collected credit/previously paid out sums. :slight_smile:

Yea, I didn’t assume that such requirement is integrated out of the box, but when you see there ways to create a solution, that will be enough for me at the moment to do some decisions.
May be we can collaborate for realising such an extra for commerce …

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I’d like that! We’ll need something similar for when we get around to migrating that to Commerce as well, so perhaps there’s a way to align our requirements and work on it together instead of duplicating those efforts :smiley: