(some) placeholders are ignored in upload-paths

it seems like some of the placeholders one can use in [[++redactor.image_browse_path]] and [[++redactor.image_upload_path]] do not work in Redactor 2:

[[+id]], [[+pagetitle]], [[+alias]], etc come back empty in the upload path when I drag an image into redactor (inside ContentBlocks).

[[+year]], [[+month]], [[+day]] on the other hand work fine, also do [[+parent]] and [[+parent-id]] and also the [[+tv.TemplateVariables]].

Can someone confirm this?


Hi Jörg, just wanted to let you know I’m working on that right now… even got a set of unit tests to replicate it, so will hopefully have a patch shortly.

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This bug has been squashed and the patch is included in Redactor 2.0.3. Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

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