Sneak peek: HTML-first, fully accessible admin

Those of you that signed up for early access will have already received an email containing the gif below, but as I can’t resist to share this beyond that group of people, here you go.

Disclaimer: stuff will change. This is an early version of the back-end that does not yet contain all the features we have in mind in the way we want them to, and is likely to receive another lick of paint before early access.

The gif below shows how you can navigate a list of orders, with only the keyboard. (Works great with a screenreader as well).

Aside from looking pretty slick already, the admin area is built HTML-first. So rather than relying on a library like ExtJS which renders everything in the browser, all the important back-end features is returned from the server in fully functional HTML. This means it’ll continue to work if javascript is disabled, a file couldn’t be loaded or there’s an error somewhere.

The AJAX filtering seen in the gif above is an example of the progressive enhancement approach we’re using. Without javascript, the user will need to submit the form field (hitting enter, or a submit button) and on reload it will show the results. Expanding the rows to see the order summary is all CSS.

Here’s a quick sample of how it works with javascript disabled/broken, again just using keyboard navigation. Getting to the component is a bit troublesome as the MODX top nav doesn’t seem to open without javascript (maybe we can find a patch for that), but once you’re in you can do everything you’d like to do.

< insert disclaimer about early versions, stuff will change etc etc >

Looking good. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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Looking fantastic! Everyone needs this :slight_smile:

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