Slow Uploads

I’ve been trying to work this out for some time. I’ve tested the website in question myself, with the exact files the client is using and I’m not getting a problem but the client is complaining bitterly about how slow the uploads are. I’m uploading 33 images of file size average 4mb in batches of 11 at a total time of around 3 minutes - I think that’s perfectly acceptable but he’s saying the files just ‘hang’ and sometimes don’t upload at all. They time out. I’ve got server admins to ramp up all pertinent settings but still no joy. I’m not able to upgrade to the latest version of MoreGallery as I’m stuck with php 7.3 at the moment. I’m getting the following errors - the first one occasionally and the second on every upload…

[2022-07-13 10:41:36] (ERROR @ /path/core/model/modx/rest/modrestclient.class.php : 245) Could not connect to provider at:

[2022-08-12 13:13:18] (ERROR @ /path/core/components/moregallery/model/moregallery/mgimage.class.php : 947) Error(s) loading file assets/galleries/265/3493_IMG_0780.JPG for image 3493 in gallery 265 from media source 1 : Array ( [file] => file_err_perms

I’d also add that I’m using the plugin 'ImageOptimOnUpload`.

I honestly don’t think this is a MoreGallery problem but I’d be interested to know if anyone else has come across similar problems. The only other thing I can think is if it is to do with security software he might be running on his PC?

We’re currently still supporting 7.1.

I wonder if there’s an issue with the server blocking the outgoing license check request (causing the could not connect error). That could certainly make things slow down to a halt.

ImageOptimOnUpload will also cause your images to be uploaded to the ImageOptim service which will cause additional delays.

The file_err_perms error sounds like it may have a problem reading the file. If that happens on each request, that could definitely be a symptom of some misconfiguration or conflict of sorts. Is the filename perhaps different, with hyphens instead of underscores? Or a lowercased extension? Perhaps the file is renamed by a plugin (ImageOptim or FileSluggy)?

Thanks Mark. So I can upgrade to the latest version of MoreGallery even if using php 7.3? I’ve been watching the site closely and I even made a video to show the client how fast the uploading is. I’ve not heard from the client since then. The images are named as his camera names them - all the same format. It’s either a problem with outgoing connections from the server (but that’s never happened when I’ve tested) or it’s the client’s security software / internet connection.