SiteDash Client v1.4.1

An update for the SiteDash client is now available from modmore and MODX package providers.

This release improves error handling related to the remote MODX upgrades, to detect certain problems sooner and make sure they’re reported properly.

Released on 2021-06-09

  • Provide the installed MODX version alongside the version according to the filesystem for better upgrade checks [#233]
  • Greatly reduce the verbosity of the upgrade and backup compression log in the dashboard, instead writing a verbose log locally to core/cache/logs/
  • Make sure an upgrade is marked as failed if the MODX setup does not indicate success [#142]
  • Improve detection of invalid PHP executables (command line command being interpreted as web request or too old version) [#240]
  • The sitedashclient.php_binary system setting will now take precedence over the automatically identified executable, to allow resolving issues with invalid PHP executables - only hardcode this if you cannot run the MODX remote upgrade without it!
  • Increase upgrade timeout from 60 to 90 seconds