SiteDash Client v1.2.0

An update for the SiteDash client is now available.

This release covers a couple improvements to the remote MODX upgrade process, and some additional data that will get collected like the site name and table prefix.

  • Include the site name setting in the refresh response
  • Simplify the response from remote core upgrades; should make the log easier to process in the dashboard
  • Prepare remote core update for future support of updating to nightlies
  • Skip overwriting config.core.php files when upgrading core [#85]
  • Support proxies when downloading MODX [#64]
  • Include database table prefix when refreshing information [#30]
  • Fix incorrect savings percentage shown for compressing backup

v1.2.0 is now available from both and package providers. You can quickly update the client on all connected sites here.

As MODX 2.7.2 is planned for release today/tomorrow, we’ve already spun up additional workers to be ready for increased upgrade activity (in case you missed it, you can schedule upgrades for all of your sites at once). We’ll keep an eye on the queue and spin up more workers if needed.