Single Product with different prices for size and colour

Hello, I would like to create a single product, with different prices for size and colour.

For example, Small Red would be 100, Small Blue 110, Large Red would be 250, Large Blue 275, etc

Each combination of size and colour has a different price.

I can only see how to increase price per size, and per colour, but not in combination.

Is this possible?



Hey Tim,

Simplecart doesn’t have a matrix-like product options feature. I can think of two ways of moving forward on the spot.

One: use two option TVs and specify the added prices per each. For example for the size, large would be +150, and for the color blue would be +10. The prices wouldn’t exactly match your example.

Two: specify ask variations in a single TV. Add options that are “large red”,“large blue”, " small red " etc. This will give you more control over the price.

Hi Mark

Thanks for your suggestions, appreciate it. My complexity comes from the fact that the price increments are all different between the size and the colour. I’ve realised that I need to set them up as separate products. I’m going to create a small product and a large product, then set the colour prices for each.

On this subject, is there a way of setting up a product with a price set for each colour, rather than a price increase for each colour? The only way I can see to do this is if I set the main product price to 0.00, then add the prices per colour.



No, but that’s an open feature request (#30 in our internal tracker) that I hope to look at for 2.5. :slight_smile: