I have an old simplecart site that has been working great for years, but recently the order information on the thank you page is no longer working, the payment unsuccessful message is always shown. The order goes through fine otherwise - the email is sent and it is marked as finished in the manager. Any ideas?

						<p>Dear [[+order.firstname]] [[+order.lastname]], your payment has been successfully received.</p> 
						[[+order.ordernr:notempty=`<p>Your order number: <strong>[[+order.ordernr]]</strong> &ndash; please use this if you need to <a href="[[~4]]" title="Our contact details">contact us</a> about your order.</p>`]]
						<p>We have sent you an email to [[]] with your full order details.</p> 
					<h1>Payment unsuccessful</h1>


You seem to be mixing uncached and cached tags there, that could be problematic. If this is inside a chunk it should probably be cached (with the snippet calling the chunk uncached) but if they’re global placeholders they’ll need to be uncached.

It’s also worth looking into the order log to see if the processing happens as expected and there are no errors there, and the MODX error log as well as that may also hold relevant information.