SimpleCart Performance


We’ve just nearly completed a eCommerce website using SimpleCart and just noticing the speed of loading pages when adding items to the cart/proceeding through checkout is quite slow. (on local dev & live)

Is there any simple tricks to increase performance of SimpleCart?


Hey @barney36,

The cart and checkout hasn’t really seemed slow to me before, so while I don’t want to immediately start pointing fingers elsewhere it might help to take a look at what dynamic/uncached stuff is happening on your cart and checkout pages outside of the simplecart code.

I just did a test on my dev site and the cart and checkout were near instant on click. That’s obviously a very basic site with few products, few installed extras, a simple design, and plenty of “server” resources…

Most I know about performance with SimpleCart is that showing and filtering the catalog can sometimes require some custom indexing to ensure it’s speedy with thousands of products.

I’d be interested to hear if any other users have had performance issues on the cart and checkout, but I’m mostly surprised about this question :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, well I’ve got a template with the following call:

[[!scAddProduct? &redirectTo=87]] [[getPage? &element=getResources&cache=1&parents=[[*id]]&tpl=texProductOverviewItem&includeContent=1&sortby=menuindex ASC, id&sortdir=ASC&limit=10]]

And in the header:
[[!scGetCart? &tpl=tex-cartHeader&emptyTpl=tex-cartHeaderEmpty&viewProducts=1]]

Nothing else on the page is too complicated, some of the time I’m getting page loads speed of 7.3s
GET index.php?id=77 - 200 OK - 7.3s

Jumping back and forth between product lists/cart pages I’m getting a variation of super slow (7.3s) or fast (800ms), could it be a caching issue? Or perhaps the getPage call, although that wouldn’t explain why the cart page sometimes load slow