SimpleCart and Tagger

I noticed today that I seem to be unable to use Tagger with simplecart. After doing some testing it seems that it does work with other custom resource types (such as more gallery and collections) however something is apparently different when using Simple Cart in that the tag data does not even load into the page.

Has anyone had any success with getting this to work?

Currently working in Modx Version 2.4 on modxcloud with the latest version of both tagger (1.7) and simplecart (2.3).

The only difference im seeing in the page source between the two (except for the fields not showing up) is that in Simple Cart the tagger json does not return any tags (even if there is several available)


However in any other type the tags show up:
“tagger-1”: “tag1,tag2”

As mentioned in your support ticket, this is something we’ll work on to get supported in SimpleCart 2.4, hopefully available early next year.

Thanks Mark!

You guys are awesome.

Tagger Support in SimpleCart is also mandatory for our current project. So hopefully this feature is added soon!

Hi guys!
Sometimes in re-editing a product resource and after saving, I lose the tags
Some idea? :confused:

Hi @PMedusa,

Support for Tagger was added in 2.4.0, however there is currently a known issue when you have Tagger set to show in the TVs section. Opening the TVs tab can help prevent the tags from getting lost, but a safer bet is to choose one of the different view options, which as far as I know do work correctly on product resources.

I’ll post here when we have the issue on the tvs tab fixed.