SimpleCart 2.8.0-rc2 improves finish order logic

Released last week, SimpleCart 2.8.0-rc2 improves the way order confirmations are handled (again). Especially in relation to webhook-based payment gateways, this should be a more reliable experience than before.

Make sure to update your gateways as well when updating SimpleCart core.


  • Rework how async payment confirmations work a little more, to prevent double order confirmation when webhooks and user returns happen in a very short timespan. With the new changes, if an order is marked by a gateway as using asynchronous confirmations, the processing will happen only when the webhook instructs SimpleCart to do so. The checkout will still show a success/fail/pending message, but do no actual processing.
  • Implement additional logging of the finish order logic.
  • Check for PHP 7.1+ PHP requirement