SimpleCart 2.3.0-rc7 released

These release candidates just keep coming! SimpleCart 2.3.0-rc7 fixes a number of taxes and component related bugs, as well as introducing one improvement/new feature. Especially if you have multiple tax rates configured, this update should resolve a lot of (potential) issues for your shop, so this is a recommended update for you.

Here’s the changelog for 2.3.0-rc7:

  • New Feature: Tax records now have a Rank which is used in determining what VAT rate to use if none are specified as default.
  • Fixed: simpleCartTaxIndex table wasn’t properly updating when adjusting default taxes on products or categories
  • Fixed: Unable to update delivery method title or description [S6646/#25]
  • Fixed: Bug causing tax records per cart item getting overwritten [#3]
  • Fixed: Unable to remove last rule set on a tax record [#33]
  • Fixed: Unable of editing order address information [S6674]
  • Fixed: Category to Product Tax inheritance now works properly [#34]
  • Fixed: Make sure errors from the sort processor are shown rather than an infinite loop [#20]
  • Fixed: Drag & drop reordering of products in a category broken in 2.3.4+ [#20]

If you encounter any issues with this release, please do let us know! Send us an email, or post on the forum and we’ll get back to you asap. At this point, rc7 looks like the last release candidate before we finally call it 2.3.0-pl, so any and all bug reports are welcome before we do that.