Simple Cart and marketing automation

I’m looking into a couple marketing automation tools (such as campaign monitor, etc).

With these solutions they often have transactional email support that you can use through SMTP or an api, I like the api solutions because the customer can use their custom email builder to layout their transaction emails instead of having to hard code it into the site.

So my question is, is there a particular event that simple-cart fires in the create order flow that I could use to access and send the order details over to one of these apis instead of depending on the build in emails?

(would include to and from names / addresses / products / pricing etc).

Hey @nclark,

You could use a finish hook, which is basically a snippet that runs when the order is confirmed:

There’s also a system event which is fired before the user is sent to the payment gateway, but that’s probably too early in the process.

Awesome, thanks Mark…

Should of read the docs didn’t realize there was a finished order hook.

No worries, glad I could point you in the right direction :slight_smile: