Showing a grid of simple products on a Collections resource

I’ve got a collection set up (called cupcakes) with child pages, say: ‘Chocolate’, ‘Raspberry’, Blueberry’. Each child page has a linked product - no variants or options.

How do I get to see all the products summarised on the parent collection page (frontend) i.e. image, title, price and a link through to each?

Ah I think I have it. A mixture of using tv.mytv and mytv in the category template has been my downfall! Should have been more careful as to what I copied from the docs.

Yep! List resources with getResources/pdoResources. Include the TV that holds your matrix or product list. Pass that value into commerce.get_product or get_matrix snippet to render the details.

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By the way, I think I mentioned this to you on Slack, but we do have starter packs available with a basic set up. If you don’t want to install those on an existing site, you can still browse the templates, chunks, and commerce theme files for them on GitHub as an example/reference.

The second starter pack (“Blue”) is not quite as full-featured in terms of templates it ships with, but also available. Its checkout theme is quite nice compared to Red, it’s basically a one-page checkout design.

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Yep - I really appreciate the help and patience. I’d seen starter packs but I think I’ll get a better understanding of how it all works, this way. Yes I’ll make mistakes but that will help me remember. Now and again I’ve just had a bit of a blind spot with the docs but I think that’s down to me and what I’ve been used to in the past. I worked with Magento for around 10 years and it’s difficult to ‘unremember’ some things. Thanks again for all your help.

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