Show the HTML tag when selected

Is there a setting to show the HTML tag that an element has applied to it? H2 H3 …etc…

Hi @crecorn,

Do you mean something like the Breadcrumbs plugin? That adds breadcrumbs to the bottom right of the editor that shows you what tags the cursor is in.

That is exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

Anyway I can easily take my favorite settings and apply them to other sites?


We don’t currently support Import/Export of settings but it might be worth looking into if there are any generic MODX plugins that do that.

@mhamstra maybe this would be a good feature request for ImportX 2.0?

I know it is possible to create a Teleport profile that would do that, I just don’t know exactly how to do it. I’m not sure if Gitify could be used to accomplish filtering just a certain namespace or not either.