Shipping taxation

Hello, is it possible to not apply taxes to the shipping methods? I can see that you can select different tax groups in the shipping method config, but not to not select. If it helps, i’m using the manual tax rate.

Thank you in advance.

You can create a special tax group for shipping with no tax rules, or a single manual tax rate of 0%. Then on the delivery type, assign that tax group for the shipping costs.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve done that, but it still shows in the cart summary:
(0% von CHF 30.00) = That’s the shipping tax. This screenshot is with the manual 0%, using no rules results in ( von CHF 30.00).

After changing the tax rules it may be necessary to complete the order and start a new order to make sure the tax records are properly cleaned.

Or you could adjust the template to not show taxes if they’re 0%. That’s not always the right thing to do (e.g. with a reverse charge you’d probably want that listed), but certainly possible if you’re wanting to clean up the summary.

Okay, adjusting the templates worked. Thank you!