Setting 'use contentblocks' doesnt work


Ive just created a second context and copied a couple of pages to this new context.
Now i want to be able to use Contentblocks on these pages. so i set the dropdownbox (settings > ‘use contentblocks’) to yes and save the page. But the setting is not stored properly and remains on ‘NO’.
any idea why this is?
modx: 2.7.2
CB: 1.8.15-pl


If you’ve disabled ContentBlocks in the system settings, you’ll need to create a context setting with the same key to enable it on the context as well. The per-resource setting is only checked if ContentBlocks is allowed in the context first.

Nope, CB is not disabled in the WEB context.
I made a setting in context settings contentblocks.disabled = 0 in the new context but still the use contentblocks setting on the page remains NO.
To be clear ; i can see the dropdown and i can change it, the changes are just not persistent upon save.

what to do?


This is embarrasing… i forgot i made a plugin to turn off CB on certain templates so CB on the new pages with new template was, well… turned of
Sorry ;(

Glad you remembered that :wink: