Select box value added to cart and emails

I have several products that need two dropdown boxes so a user can select a garment and fabric to make, as shown here -

I can use output filters to make them only display on the two/three courses that they need to appear on but how can I get the value they select into the order. I looked at custom fields but am not sure if I can use them for a select box. I was also looking at FormFields but am not sure that is correct either.

All my products are resource products and I have used custom TV’s for a lot and have got those, where needed, pulling into the order email and invoice, I just can’t seem to see how I can get these select box options into the cart, order email, and order to merchant email. This is the last piece I need to get done before I can get the site fully tested and live so any help appreciated.

The easiest way to implement that is through the ItemData module. Enable it and add your field name to its configuration:

That will store the information on the item (make sure to disable the CombineItems module if you use that), so they’re available as {{ }} in invoices/emails.

That worked perfectly. Thank you.

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