Security Error

I was just talking a client through how to add a new product to a child in collections. The client entered information into the pop-up window but on save she got a message: ‘Security Error’. Product wasn’t saved.

She is using Chrome on Windows.

I went through the same process with Chrome on a mac and it worked absolutely fine.

Could this be something to do with security on her PC?

This is MODX 3.0.3. PHP 8.0. Commerce 1.2.9. Client has had no problem saving resources / collections etc. Nothing relevant in error log.

That’s the CSRF protection. The token in the form may have expired (24 hours), or a new one was generated in a different tab that invalidated the first one (session-specific, so not dependent on other users).

Just a refresh will fix that and it should not be a regular occurrence.

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OK - thank you, will try running through it again