Save button disappeared

Hi there,
after copying a site to a new subdomain (files and database) i found that the action buttons vanished.
While checking the extras i saw contentblocks and redactor didn’t have a liscence for this new subdomain. So until that time as the site will go live i figured i’ll uninstall them. But that won’t fly. I get an error Error uninstalling package with signature: [[+signature]]
and after that my action buttons are gone. this feels like this problem
But i’m not able to uninstall both redactor and CB. so i’m pretty stuck now.
How can i remove CB and redactor in such a way that the content remains intact (for CB) untill the site goes live and i can transfer the liscence form the old domain to the new. And i get my action buttons back?

Action buttons being missing is typically the result of a javascript error. Can you check the developer console in the browser?

It’s not possible to (cleanly) uninstall packages that don’t have a license, because the license is used in decrypting the package so it can’t decrypt the information it needs to uninstall.