Sale Price and Regular Price

(Mike Tarantino) #1

Does commerce offer a way to list a regular price and a sale price?

(Mark Hamstra) #2

Not at the moment. This was planned for 0.12.0-rc1 but the implementation I have in mind is a little more complex (and vastly more powerful) than just a secondary price field*, which unfortunately had to be delayed to get 0.12 out.

I have been doing a bit more work on 0.12 over the holidays and might still see if I can get it into rc2, but as I want to get that out by the end of next week I’m not quite sure it’ll be ready at that point. If it’s not ready then, it will be in 1.0.

(*) For context, what I have in mind is something I call “Price Strategies”. The price that products have right now will remain as some sort of “retail” or “base” price. Alongside those, you’ll have an “Add Price” button of sorts that lets you choose the type of price and fill in whatever options that price type offers.

There are 2 strategies/types I plan to add to the core initially:

  • Sale price, where you get a “from” and “until” date selector with a price field
  • User/Usergroup price, where you get a usergroup selector with a price field.

When a product is added into the cart it’ll evaluate the price strategies and use the appropriate price.

It’ll be an extendable system, so you could build custom strategies/types, like bulk pricing where you set prices in quantity ranges (might do that one in the core if I have the time).

When that’s in place, that should make pretty much all product-specific pricing needs a possibility, but that’s also why it takes more time to build than expected as I need to get it right :smiley: