Repeaters or Columns?

I have a section on a page with three cards. Should I use a single-column layout with a repeater field, or a three-column layout and a single field? Is there any benefits to one layout over the other?

If I use the single-column with a repeater field set to 30% is there any way to get them to line up horizontally in the layout during editing?

Both are valid ways to set something like that up. The 3-col layout could be a bit more flexible (perhaps the 3rd column will be a full-sized image instead of a card, for example) while the repeater would ensure the correct markup and more control as developer over the content.

Set the fields back to 100%, but on the repeater itself set “Manager Columns” (under properties) to 3:

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You thought of everything, didn’t you?


I think @isaacniebeling actually thought of that one! :wink: