Repeater Field as standalone

I’m not sure if anybody asked this. I’m often build content with field combinations. But they are single objects don’t need to wrap with an object. So I have the idea of an „independent“ repeater field.

I know I could build it with layouts and fields, but most for the user it’s easer and more intuitive to fill out a fixed form.

We do get this question regularly and we generally recommend using a repeater with on the properties tab the min and max rows set to 1. That’ll hide some of the repeater UI so you’re just left with the form.

Until now I’m using it like you describes. But the handling could be better. For example there are two delete buttons, one deletes only the single repeater field and the other the complete block. An inexperienced user could delete only the field and leave the wrapper element. Also you have two collapse/expand buttons and you need extra space.

Sure, that’s just a question of handling, but I have a lot of customers they are unexperienced with content management systems. But »don’t make me think« is my most important slogan.

And if you red my other threads you will recognize the red line. :wink:

That’s a good point. For the 1.6 release I’ve just hidden the Delete Item button from repeaters with a fixed number of items (min items == max items), and got rid of a bit of padding that was there for the actions bar to fit.

If it’s also set to a fixed number of 1 item, it will also hide the item collapse.



I don’t have an ETA for 1.6 yet.

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