Redactor Update on Dev-Site [solved]

I have a website that need be be relaunched with a lot of changes. I’m using Redactor on this site. Now I made a copy of the page and work on a subdomain https://dev.domain.tld.

The original site uses Redactor 2.4 but now on the new site I updated to version 3. But now I cannot edit or save the content. I think it’s because of a license issue. So here my questions:

  1. If I copy the page do I need create a new API key or can I use it from the original site?
  2. I just updated Redaktor on the Dev-Site. Do I need something els to do? If not, why I will not work?

It was a problem with the configuration setting. The converted version from older Redactor seams to block new one. With standard configuration everything works fine.

Can you please check the developer tools for any js errors when saving, and provide a copy of the converted configuration set?

When you updated on the development site, that will have automatically created a new development license in the process.