Redactor not recognised for Content field after TinyMCE Rich Text Editor install/uninstall

Hi! Have a problem getting Redactor to work after we installed TCE Rich Text Editor plugin and removed it again. Redactor does not get recognised in the main Content field even though RTE is ticked in Settings. However, if I assign Redactor to any template variable it works fine. Any ideas what we might be doing wrong?

Hi Carolin!

Make sure the TinyMCE plugin is removed or disabled, and that the which_editor system setting is set to Redactor. Sometimes it can help to clear the full cache for good measure.

If neither of that works shoot over a login to and we’ll take a look to see what else it might be.

Did you solve the problem. I have the same problem. All new resources are created with disabled rich text editor. Old resources works like expected. I checked system settings, manager customizations, cleared cache manually - nothing helps. All settings are correct, as far as I can see. I can switch the resource settings and after that all works fine. It’s just for new created resources.

Hey @ivmedia,

In some cases the old editor doesn’t clean up fully, leaving a plugin behind that may throw things off. Make sure there’s no traces of the old editor there, and if the problem persists we’ll gladly take a look for you if you can email us ( a manager login.