Redactor bug pins processor on list button click

Hi modmore team,

Thanks for all your hard work on these Extras! Across the board your stuff is a pleasure to use, and clients love it too :slight_smile: Not sure if this is the right place for bug reports…I don’t think there’s a GH repo to add issues right?

I found a bug wherein pressing the list button on a Redactor editor toolbar, after selecting more than one list item, pins the CPU and the browser cannot recover. Only manually ending the process gets you control of the browser window again.

Here’s a video of it in action:

CHROME VERSION 59.0.3071.115

Tried upgrading from 2.2.3 when I originally noticed the problem but both versions of Redactor currently have this problem. I would categorize the bug as fairly urgent because all work in that window is lost when a fairly common action is taken.


Glad to hear you’re still happy with our extras :wink: There indeed isn’t a (public) GitHub repository, just our internal trackers. The forum or is the best place to report issues.

I’ve reproduced this in 2.3.0, and also verified that the problem is not present in 3.0. It’s logged in our tracker as #463 and we’ll try to figure out what causes it and fix it short term.


Thanks for the screencast. I’ve confirmed it is reproducible with Imperavi’s 10.2.5 distribution as is. They no longer support 10.x, but I’ve asked them to make an exception. I’d suggest anyone that has an account with them do the same, as it may persuade them to make an exception. We are also investigating “hacking” a fix to the Imperavi core.